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The Hollyhock Neighborhood is IN for Obama 2012! Is Your Neighborhood?

Grand Rapids- President Obama made it clear that this campaign is for the people, and what better way to demonstrate it than registering your family, friends, and neighbors? The excited volunteers of Kentwood, and specifically the Hollyhock neighborhood, took that message to the streets, during their July 4th parade!


Summer Organizer Amy G. was hard at work asking people if they would like to register or re-register to vote for the exciting 2012 election. They also collected I’m IN cards which let anyone to show their support for President Obama and potentially volunteer.


“Although I live in this neighborhood, this was my first parade and I felt great showing my support and getting the President re-elected,” said Peggy H. “Plus, I received a great response. They were glad to see that we have started campaigning because everyone knows its going to be a difficult road ahead”

Sen. Debbie Stabenow took part in the parade, too! Her presence got everyone excited.

“I was so pleased to see Debbie Stabenow in the parade. I didn’t realize she would be there. As Democrats we have to stick together for a successful 2012!” said Jim, a regular volunteer with Team Grand Rapids

Events like parade and house parties are fun and a great way to make a difference in our Obama 2012 grassroots efforts. Click here to see upcoming events in your area!

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