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The Foothills Neighborhood Team Meeting Draws a Large Crowd

Field Organizer Tomas Speaking to Foothills Team

Ward 31B, in the Northeast Heights of Albuquerque, has pulled in residents of nearby wards to create the Foothills Neighborhood Team. This month’s team meeting was held on January 11, at the home of team leader Tom S. His living room was standing room only, and the crowd spilled into the nearby kitchen. Tom gave a very informative PowerPoint presentation about voters in the Foothills Wards. Tom had pulled together statistics about how the Foothills Wards had voted in 2008 and how they voted in 2010. The turnout was strong in 2008 and dropped off dramatically in 2010. Seeing the exact numbers made it clear—we have a lot of work to do.

Tomas Talamante, Regional Field Director for Albuquerque, presented the group with several ways that they could start volunteering now to build their group and help re-elect the president. He suggested phone banking, canvassing their area, and participating in voter registrar training. He sent around sign-up sheets so that people could select the upcoming events they were most interested in.

Starting a Neighborhood Team often begins with getting together a small group of people who know each other. Then, that small group holds phone banks and canvasses where they reach out to other supporters in the area to grow their team. When neighbors reach out to neighbors, the effect is strong. If you are interested in creating or joining a Neighborhood Team, please email us at Let us know your name and zip code and we will get back to you.

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