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"The First Victory of 2012"

Last Tuesday, Mainers came out to the polls and voted yes on reinstating our right to same-day voter registration.

We made phone calls all day Election Day. Everybody in our volunteer group was making calls at lunch, after work—we were doing everything we could to make sure the vote passed. We watched the Bangor Daily News website as precincts reported, and every time the numbers updated we were ahead.

I think a lot of people are used to voting and being active when there’s a presidential election, but then sort of fall away from it. The fact that we were able to bring volunteers together to restore voting rights has given us a huge burst of energy.

Everyone says this was not a victory of 2011—it was the first victory in the campaign for 2012. So it’s no time to take a break. On Saturday, we opened a new Maine campaign office, and over 75 people showed up. And we’re going to have house parties right away to bring people together.

As for me, I’m going to have a lot more one-on-one conversations with folks, just a cup of coffee and a chat, to explain why I feel so strongly about doing all I can to re-elect President Obama. He inherited so many challenges, and people just don’t realize how much he’s accomplished. We need to highlight all the good things we have done together.

If we stay engaged we can make sure that Congress is doing the right thing for ordinary people, and we can help get President Obama re-elected next November—because we’ll need him in the next four years. We can accomplish great things if we just stay focused and stay positive.

From Maine to Ohio to North Carolina, we proved last week that what you do on the ground will make a real difference—so commit to volunteer, wherever you are, today.

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