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The EPA is about to change the game on climate change

Did you know that here in the United States, we have absolutely no national limits on how much carbon pollution can be emitted by power plants, even though they are the single largest source of carbon pollution? And just this week, the amount of carbon pollution in our atmosphere broke an all-time record. This is not good news.

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That is why we are so excited about new standards from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that will establish limits on carbon pollution for newly constructed power plants. This is a big step forward—a central part of the President's Climate Action Plan.

But we know there are powerful special interests lining up on the other side who want to keep doing business as usual without regard for the impact on the climate. That’s why we need to speak out and let the EPA know that we support what they are doing, that we want carbon pollution limits on power plants, and that we want action on climate. Add your name to our petition and tell your friends to sign on, too.

OFA volunteers across the country are organizing petition drives this week to mobilize public support for these limits on carbon pollution. From Hawaii to New Jersey, hundreds of OFA volunteers will be hitting the streets and sending a strong message that the time to act on climate is now.

The signatures they collect, and along with the people who sign up online, will be sent to the EPA to show that Americans support these new standards, and are ready for action. Show your support for putting limits on carbon pollution from our country's biggest polluters. Sign the petition supporting the EPA now.

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