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The Eastern Shore gets to work

For many Marylanders, the Eastern Shore is a place of relaxation and calm. But for Team Obama- Maryland, we see the 'Shore' as a place to get to work. Although it may have seemed quiet the last few weeks, our incredible volunteers have been putting together the foundations for victory in 2012.

Since the holidays are around the corner, we thought there would be no better time to open up our doors, meet our neighbors on the Shore, and show them what Team Obama is all about! Last Monday we decided to hold a little meeting in order to get to know our fellow Obama-ites, but little did we know that over 50 people would stream into our event with energy and high spirits! By the time our event was over, we had recruited over 50 eager volunteers, and even had one, Vita P. step up to coordinate the Upper Shore!

Remarkably, over the following few days, we've found that residents in our area have been approaching our team on the street, and other events in the community. There are even volunteers offering to drive to neighboring counties, small towns and larger cities to talk to fellow Americans about President Obama, and all he's accomplished. Volunteers, just like Rebecca W., are preparing to open up their homes to hold OFA house parties all across the Shore. If you're interested in organizing and hosting your own house party or if you'd like to volunteer your time with us - contact us on Twitter, our Facebook page or email us directly at [email protected]
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