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The Course is Correct with President Obama

Anne, a 26-year Navy veteran from Chesapeake, Virginia, discusses what is at stake for America's youth in this election, and why it is important that people vote and get involved.

For me, the Fourth of July isn’t just another day off. It’s a day to reflect on the great sacrifices of our armed forces, and to honor those sacrifices by being engaged citizens.

In a time where we are constantly reminded that we will be outspent by big money corporate interests and anonymous donors, we have to remember one thing: one person, one voice can still make a difference. While money can buy many things, it can’t buy our votes. We still own our votes—and they do matter.

For young folks, what happens in this election is critical. This is their future. They own this. This is theirs. Student loan reform, healthcare reform, immigration, and women’s rights—it’s all on the line. It’s so important that young Americans get involved. They can make a difference. We’ve seen it.

There’s no perfect candidate—there’s no such thing. I always look at a candidate and ask myself ‘Are they heading in the direction that I want us to go?’ As a woman, what I’ve happening in our nation concerns me. I don’t like us (women) to be considered special interests. When you’re 51 percent of the population, you’re more than a special interest. Governor Romney would take us back, and that worries me a great deal.

When I look at President Obama, I say without a doubt, ‘Yes, that’s our guy.’ He stands with working Americans. He stands with women. To use a Navy term, the course is correct with President Obama.

As citizens, we need to be out there. If you don’t vote, you’re not doing anything to change the situation. When this country was founded, our founders were living in a time of change. They didn’t expect things to remain static; they expected things to change, to keep moving forward. We need to keep the change going.

Join Anne in celebrating the birthday of America by getting involved to affect the change that you want to see.

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