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The Conversation in South Carolina

Byron, South Carolina

South Carolina was a critical state in 2008, and it’s shaping up to be one again this time around. Not only are we an early state, we're a swing state too, and since the launch of the 2012 campaign folks here have been very excited and very, very busy.

There's a lot to do; as Kevin Geiken in Iowa said last week, "It's never too early to start organizing." We're reaching out and building relationships with folks. People could be doing so much else with their time, they could be anywhere they want to be—and they're choosing to spend it with us, to keep coming back to help the President.

The one-on-one conversations we're having with folks are a key part of the program—across the country staff and volunteers are reaching out to supporters asking them to be part of the 2012 campaign.

Each one-on-one starts with a phone call to a supporter asking if they'd like to meet. Folks are genuinely pleased to be asked, and if they say, "Yes," we find a time that works for them—for some it's half an hour in their lunch break, for others it's after they've put the kids to bed in the evening.

Here in South Carolina we're sitting down with folks who have been working hard alongside us for the past two years, as well as those who have maybe been taking a break from campaigning since 2008. Speaking to people who haven't been too involved recently, I really see them come alive again with excitement as they understand the importance of what they did in 2008 and what a difference they can make if they get involved again.

We're calling more folks every day to schedule one-on-one conversations. When I say, "We want to hear from you," I really do mean it. Over the next few months, in South Carolina alone, we're going to be speaking to thousands of supporters, volunteers, and donors.

There are so many people we want to speak to—to reach out and tell them about everything the President has done in the past two years and everything he's going to do in the future. We can't do any of this without the volunteers who make up the heart of this campaign. There's always a way for folks to get involved—whatever your skill set, whatever you're comfortable with, there will be something useful you can do.

We're embarking on the most ambitious outreach program you've ever seen, and the one-on-one conversations are just the beginning. If you live in South Carolina, drop me a line and, no matter where in the country you live, get in touch with the campaign where you are.

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