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The Battle Born State gears up to give locals a voice in this election

This past Saturday marked our first National Day of Action, and Nevada was certainly ready to brave the scorching heat in order to register as many new voters as possible. The event went off without a hitch, and even our staffers were amazed at just how high the volunteer turn out and enthusiasm was for the four events spread out amongst the Las Vegas Valley.

These events saw many new leaders rise up, and my fellow summer organizer Maria E. was certainly not shy, seen here leading a volunteer training session on how to properly fill out a Nevada Voter Registration Form.

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Despite the long lines at the DMV, overall the people we canvassed were pleasant and happy to see so many volunteers civically engaged in the democratic process. Many were also eager to sign “I’m In” cards pledging their continued support for the President for his 2012 campaign. The best part about the event was that this was only the start of better things to come. Click here to check out an event at our Las Vegas Office or our Reno Office, and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.

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