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The American Jobs Act Motivates South Valley Volunteers to Hold Job Trainings

South Valley residents have always been amazing supporters of the President and the Democratic Party. So it was obvious they would eventually hold a house meeting to talk more about the American Jobs Act. The Southwest Quadrant Democrats Headquarters called a meeting to talk with supporters about how the AJA would be a tremendous benefit to all New Mexico families and businesses.


The meeting started off with a review of the details of the American Jobs Act which were widely popular with everyone who was in attendance. A pointed out that promoting the AJA would also be a great opportunity to motivate people who are out of work and need new skills to get back into the workforce and move towards a career. Long-time supporter and volunteer Arlene C. challenged the group to come up with ways that we could take action today to ensure the President will create jobs for us now.

The President has been working day in and day out getting the word out and making it clear that we need to

“Pass the Bill”
to get Americans back to work and start to rebuild our country. A South Valley Jobs Training plan was formulated through the volunteers to help with skill building. While OFA may not be able to create jobs for our volunteers, we can do something to help the community now, because the training and experience volunteers receive through OFA translate into new job skills that they will take with them beyond their time with us.

Can you help support the President while learning a new skill set that may help you find a job? To learn how to volunteer contact us by email at [email protected] or check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

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