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The Affordable Care Act Matters

I was born with Turner's Syndrome, a chromosomal disorder that causes a host of physical problems. Because of my condition, I have to take nine pills a day to stay healthy.

Before the recession, I was gainfully employed. However like many others, I soon found myself without work. There was a law in place at the time that required your former employer to continue your health coverage for a period, but when that ended, I was on my own. That was before the Affordable Care Act. Because of President Obama's unrelenting support for accessible health care for everyone, many of us who would otherwise be without insurance are still alive.

Prior to the Affordable Care Act, every California insurer denied me coverage because of my pre-existing condition. When they were left to their own devices, these insurance companies left me uninsured for the length of my job search – without access to life-saving doctors and medications. That’s a situation that proved to be disastrous for me. You see, a few years ago I suffered a heat stroke that required me to be hospitalized. The result was a $20,000 hospital bill and the $2,000 ambulance charge that I am paying for entirely out of my own pocket. If I was hospitalized after the President passed the Affordable Care Act, I wouldn’t be footing this huge bill by myself.

Because of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, I am covered and I will be healthy without the constant fear of potentially crippling medical bills or lack of treatment. What happened to me, won’t happen to anyone ever again.

So why do I support this President with my heart and soul -- and perhaps my very life? Because he passed this bill for me and other people like me. Because before the Affordable Care Act my hospital and prescription bills were stacked against me but now, I have a fighting chance.

The most sincere and heartfelt way I can show my gratitude is to wake up every single day fired up and ready to work hard for President Obama until November 6, 2012. I hope you’ll join me by helping out in your area and sharing your story.

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