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Thank You


Although I’ve only volunteered with Obama for America for about a month and a half, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a lot of great people and attend some incredible events. Along with the pride I feel from reaching out to the President’s supporters, connecting with first-time volunteers and bringing new folks in to the campaign, the events are what make being a part of Obama 2012 not just rewarding, but incredibly fun as well.

This Veterans Day, I went to the Carrier Classic basketball game in San Diego where the President and the First Lady addressed the nation aboard the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson. I was invited simply because I volunteer for the campaign and had previously served in the military. It’s one example of how the campaign is constantly giving back to the people that make it run. Aside from the weekly meet-ups and phone banks where we all work together, sometimes there are other fun events where we can sit back and enjoy what makes this country great with the people we’ve met through the campaign.

Going back on a military base, surrounded by all the uniforms, drill and ceremony was a very nostalgic experience. And getting to attend the first ever game aboard an active ship was unforgettable. But nothing was as impressive as watching President Obama deliver a speech regarding the dedication of our men and women in uniform. By repealing DADT, making veterans a key part of the American Jobs Act and promising to bring our troops in Iraq back by the end of the year; the President has made the proud tradition of military service that much more of an honor.

I want to say thank you to Obama for America and everyone who made it possible for me and other service members to attend the Veteran’s Day event. Thank you.

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