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The deadline to register to vote in Michigan is today. Here's what that means: Your friends, your family, everyone you know in Michigan needs to register -- right now.

Registering to vote is SO easy. It's only a few minutes out of the day -- so tell your friends to take a quick break from the daily grind to make sure they're registered and ready to vote.

Connect with your friends who might not be registered using our Facebook app, and let them know that time is running out.

There's so much at stake for our state this year:

President Obama rescued the auto industry, while Mitt Romney would've let Detroit go bankrupt. President Obama passed historic health care reform, and Mitt Romney wants to throw it out the window. President Obama doubled funding for Pell Grants to help kids in Michigan go to college, cut taxes for middle-class families, and brought the war in Iraq to a close.

Every vote for President Obama and Michigan Democrats counts toward four more years of progress. So give your friends and family a little nudge.

Make sure your friends and family are registered

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