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Tell climate deniers the threat is real

In the photo above, OFA Miami volunteers rally to demand action on climate change.

There are currently 135 climate change deniers in Congress—that we know about. If you want a sense of why Congress has failed to take meaningful action to combat climate change, that number speaks volumes.

That's why tomorrow, OFA supporters are coordinating a nationwide day of action to tell members of Congress—in person—that it's time to get serious about climate change.

In climate deniers' districts, we'll be calling them out and shining a big old light on their denial of climate science. And in other areas, we'll be thanking elected officials for being part of the solution—and asking them to continue to lead.

Will you join us on Tuesday?

The scientific community has reached a level of consensus that you don't often see regarding the reality of climate change and its consequences. NASA and the national academy of sciences of every major country in the world have all said that climate change is real—and manmade.

That's not reflected in our leadership in Washington. And it starts at the top in the House of Representatives. Speaker John Boehner, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and nearly every member of House Republican leadership continue to insist there's no problem.

This congressional failure of leadership demands a response. It's time to get the backs of everyone in Washington who's willing to be a champion on this issue. That's what Tuesday is all about.

RSVP for a climate change day of action event in your neighborhood.

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