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"Students are going to have a big impact on this election—and we're going to run with it"

We're thrilled that one of the best campus organizers in New Hampshire, Tegan O'Neill from UNH in Durham, is going to take a few minutes to talk about why it's important to volunteer for the President Obama's grassroots campaign before the President speaks on Monday.

Tegan's been organizing the UNH campus in Durham all year long, and it's proved to be a phenomenally energetic group.

We checked in with her yesterday to see how she was doing ahead of Monday's event. We asked her what's motivating her to work so hard. She told us:

I've been working to reelect the President at UNH because the this administration has done a lot to make life better for college students. We can get cheaper loans and pay them back more quickly, we have more access to Pell Grants and we can stay on our parents' health insurance until we're 26. Of New Hampshire's 1.3 million residents, over 80,000 are college students — we are in the unique and exciting position to have a big impact on this election, and we're going to run with it.

She explained how Pell Grants how played a role in her own education:

Without the Pell Grants and student loans that President Obama has made a priority while in office, I wouldn't be able to attend college. Period. My college education will make things possible for me that might never have been otherwise and I'm so glad that it has been a major focus of this administration.

We asked Tegan what she would tell other students to encourage them to organize their campuses. Here's what she said:

My best advice for other campus organizers is to have fun doing what you do! College students are social animals; we love to hang out, talk, dance and these things makes a college campus the best place to be an organizer. Plan the events that you want to go to, talk to people about stuff that you care about. It makes the whole thing more fun, and more effective.

We asked if she was looking forward to the event. She told us:

I'm so stoked to talk to the crowd about volunteering Monday! Working with the campaign has been one great experience after another, and this is no exception at all.

Don't disappoint Tegan. Sign up to volunteer with us right now.

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