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Teamwork in Friendship Heights

A few months ago, Maryl didn’t know many of the people living in her apartment building.

That all changed when she became a Neighborhood Team Leader for Obama for America.

In just three months, Maryl has built an incredible team one that has been able to organize energetic and successful phone banks in the area.

Her key to success?

“I manage flexibly, trying to make our tasks as easy and comfortable for our team members as possible. I cheer our team on for their great successes and I acknowledge their individual contributions.”

Maryl has been able to bring together people of all ages and backgrounds. Her team came together naturally—united by the common goal of re-electing President Obama—and they will work relentlessly from now until November 6th.


Whether it’s making calls to voters, canvassing in Virginia, or entering data—all of which are necessary for a successful grassroots campaign—members of her community work together as a team to make the biggest impact possible.

Want to meet Maryl and the Friendship Heights team? Come to her phone bank and make calls to Virginia next Wednesday, June 27th.

Don’t live in Friendship Heights? Join Dashboard today to connect with a neighborhood team in your area!

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