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Team Veldheer is IN for Obama2012... Are you?

Grand Rapids — Starting strong and early with our grassroots efforts will be the key to a victory for Obama 2012. Local teams have been meeting since April when President Obama announced he would be running for a second term. These teams understand the importance of the progress President Obama has made such as Wall Street Reform and Health Care reform, just to name a few.

Team Veldheer, which meets monthly in Grand Rapids, discussed their personal approach to helping the president. Until 2012 they will be canvassing and phone banking to help spark new interest as well as bring back supporters from 2008 that recognize the progress President Obama has made.

“People always focus on the negative, but President Obama has done so much positive and we need to focus on those things!” said 11-year-old future organizer Brie at the meeting.

Also discussed during the Team Veldheer meeting was the importance of voter education and voter registration. The team will focus on talking with neighbors to show just how much the President’s policy has affected themselves and the community as a whole.

“So many of us take health care and health insurance for granted, but we can’t it’s simply too important,” new member John B. said during the meeting.

Team Veldheer also planned a house party to welcome new volunteers who want to get involved. Want to get involved with our grassroots efforts? Click here to see all the events coming up in your area!

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