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Team Spirit


Before we sit down to watch the FIFA Women's World Cup final this afternoon, we’ve been speaking to Katie and Jessica—two soccer fans and Obama 2012 supporters who'll be cheering the team on today.

Katie plays forward and outside-mid for her college women’s soccer team in West Virginia. She’s just about to go into her senior year, majoring in political science. Spending her summer working as a hostess at a local restaurant, Katie is very excited about today's big match:

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world!” Katie says. “As soon as I finish work, I’ll be rushing over to join my friends to watch it together.”

Like Team USA, Katie’s soccer team had a successful season this year, making it to the conference, and she’s in no doubt that it’s down to teamwork:

“At practice, we talk about this all the time. In a team, every player matters. Everyone needs to be playing their best for the team to succeed.”

As we build for 2012, Katie plans to apply that same team spirit to the election:

“There’s no way the President can do this by himself. He needs all of us to come together and play our best.”

From Iowa, Jessica told us:

“It’s been a really exciting tournament. It’s great for the game and great for the country that we’ve made it this far.”

A journalism major at the University of Missouri-Colombia, Jessica’s currently a summer organizer. Her high school soccer team made it to the state semi-finals in her senior year, an accomplishment she’s rightly proud of, and she can’t wait to see Team USA go even further this afternoon.

Over the last few months she’s been putting the lessons she learned about teamwork on the soccer field into practice in her organizing work:

“Whatever you’re doing you need to be a team player. You won’t get anywhere if you’re not looking out for the people you’re working with, helping them make the right decisions. Letting people know that you always have their backs is important.”

Jessica will be watching the match at home this afternoon with her family, who have been caught up in the World Cup excitement too. Her prediction? A 2-1 victory for Team USA

Wherever you're watching the game today, join us in wishing good luck to Team USA in the comments below.

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