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Team Shreveport Organizes and Celebrates


SHREVEPORT, Louisiana -- Team Shreveport had a lot to celebrate during their most recent team meeting. Not only was the team served delicious gourmet pizza during the breakout session but the host, Eileen, also served up a surprise birthday cake for one of the team leaders at the end of the meeting. It was a great evening of celebration and neighborhood organizing.

Team Shreveport is a very serious and well-blended group of professionals who clearly “get it.” Out of this team meeting came four committed team leaders ready to take on leadership duties and responsibilities as outlined within the structure of the 2012 campaign. They will be building teams in their communities and partnering with other organizations, community leaders, and students.

“I’m 'In' because I can’t erase the images of the days of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,” says Sharon a new team leader. “I want to help keep the dream alive through President Barack Obama.”

Team Shreveport is working to make a difference in their community and helping to build the campaign and future.

Check out the slideshow below

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