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Team Obamacare in the news

OFA volunteers are getting the word out about the new health insurance marketplace, and people are listening.

Richmond, Virginia—Brand new OFA volunteer Jackie shared her story of why she supports Obamacare with the local news.

* Obamacare supporters launch education campaign, CBS—Atlanta, Georgia
"I feel that healthcare is a human right and I think there's no question about the need to support it," said Jane Crain, a retired nurse and OFA volunteer.

* Consider the benefits that Obamacare offers, The Morning Call—Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania
From a letter to the editor: "Obamacare fixes the current bias in health care that makes womanhood a pre-existing condition, which hikes up my premium. Routine annual checkups, vaccinations, mammograms and cancer screenings will now be covered by my premiums."

* Help Team gets people enrolled, NBC—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
"A lot of times people worry and they suffer and they stress about not having health care, so hopefully beginning today, Oct. 1, there will be less stress and better health care," said Tracy Stevenson.

* Obamacare benefits, WDIO—Akron, Ohio
"Start early. Make informed choices. It's not going away tomorrow, so you have a couple of months to really mull it over and figure out what you want to do," said Donna Skoda, Summit County's deputy health commissioner.

* Volunteers spread word on Affordable Care Act, WRIC—Richmond, Virginia
Organizing for Action Virginia plans to hold more events like this in the fall and spring, saying the six month enrollment period is a crucial time to make sure uninsured Americans have the facts they need to sign up for affordable coverage.

This is just the beginning. Join Team Obamacare to help keep the momentum going.

Join Team Obamacare

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