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Team Leader Hosts Second Team Meeting in Two Weeks

Submitted by Sara G., Team Leader in Baton Rouge

Over 20 volunteers met up in downtown Baton Rouge, excited to start growing their local 2012 campaign. They came for all sorts of reasons.

Kirsten E. shared her story of growing up without any health care, and how much Healthcare Reform has meant to her and her family.

Stella A. spoke about her father, a WWI veteran, who never received the death benefits he was promised. She's grateful that President Obama has worked to restore benefits to our veterans.

It was wonderful to hear so many personal stories and connect with other supporters in our community.

There was a sense of excitement as all of the attendees shared ideas during the breakout session. One volunteer talked about how important it is to reach out to other groups that may already have a built-in network.

A volunteer in another breakout group mentioned our college campuses here in Baton Rouge. “These are great locations to hold an "I'm In" event!” the volunteer said.

By the end of the event, we had two volunteers interested in becoming team leaders, and others committing to phone bank, enter data, canvass, and help out in any way they can!


“We’re 'In' to win,” said Howard.

Are you "In" to win? Email us to find out how to join your local 2012 campaign team.

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