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Team Flagstaff Thanks Veterans and Volunteers

Jenny C., OFA Arizona Fall Fellow in Flagstaff held an event in her local Democratic office to thank veterans for their service on Veterans Day.

Matt C., veteran and long-time volunteer spoke on Veteran's Day about his military service and the life of a soldier. He told a story about how when he was a young soldier, coming back from a successful rescue mission, he expected a hero’s welcome for a job well done. Instead, he was handed a mop and told to clean the ship as his commanding officer said, “It doesn’t clean itself.”


Elections don’t win themselves either. It takes committed volunteer leaders like Jenny and Matt. Matt also spoke about what President Obama’s administration has done in support of veterans and the significant impact it has had for military families. By focusing on issues of health, employment and education; President Obama has time and again stood up for veterans and military families. Team Flagstaff is organizing to support President Obama’s efforts for veterans. Click here so see what else we’re doing across Arizona.

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