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Team Building in the East Bay

Fall Fellow Philip K in the East Bay

Back in 2008, then-candidate Senator Obama inspired us to take up the call for public service with a right heart, challenging us to seek to be "our brother's and sister's keeper" and "find that common stake we all have in one another."

Three years later, I couldn't have imagined that I would answer his call by attending a training session filled with an eclectic group of new volunteers. There was a landscape architect, a businessman from Nigeria, a lawyer-turned Shakespearean actor, full-time students, a PR specialist, and even a couple 82-year old grandmothers. We are quite a motley crew of folks who each have their own personal reasons for supporting our president.

Five weeks into the fall fellows program, our team has registered new voters in Northern California and Nevada, recruited a myriad of fresh volunteers, and hosted phone bank after phone bank. With each passing event, it became evident that we were witnessing a meaningful and tangible sense of community being stoked to life not just within our team, but through each new volunteer.

That's when it clicked. With our personal stories and life experiences, perhaps in some measure we could learn to understand our own lives better through the framework of President Obama's mission.

Being a fall fellow isn't about shining my Obama Campaign badge simply to show off. My team - this community - is working relentlessly because they sincerely care for our country, for each other, and the President’s progress. It's the reason why our regional field directors Stefan and Lilla spend countless hours in the office preparing new ways to train us and why Jacqueline donates all of her free time to direct our East Bay team. It also helps to explain my teammates' steadfast qualities for this campaign like Liz's diligence, Tom's thoughtfulness, Loris' passion, and Jonathan's shared hopefulness for us all.

We've dug deep to find the values and principles that unite us, and each of us has been moved in a substantive way by our President. He's been our keeper, fighting an uphill battle on our behalf for 3 three years. Now it's our turn to help him get through a year that matters, when the stakes are that much higher. He needs us, and that's why you should join.

He needs us. Join our team in the East Bay today.

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