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Team Building in Baton Rouge


A group of enthusiastic volunteer leaders gathered in the living room of a volunteer leader’s home in Baton Rouge to discuss actions plans for team building and activism in their neighborhoods. Stories were shared, goals were set and commitments were made among the team leaders.

Night School was a topic of discussion among the group and how invaluable the webinars were. Those that attended the trainings stated that they are now ready to “train the trainer” and keep their team moving forward with data training, phone banking, and high-traffic-event canvassing.

One of the most important factors that Team Baton Rouge identified was the importance of taking pride in their community. Each team member is taking ownership of their role and being provided with the necessary tools and trainings for individual and group success.

Social networking was on the top of the list as a way to quickly get others involved and keep many involved, especially during the “I’m In” campaign where people can easily identify with faces of family, friends, community, and organizations. “It is a great way to spread the word about what is going on in our own neighborhoods and show who is already involved” said one team member.

Since Baton Rouge and surrounding areas have many college students, the team stated that they would like to see more student involvement and activities. One team member quickly stepped up to the plate with the first order of business being to chalk the campus with “I’m In for 2012” at a tabling event to collect support cards and recruit volunteers.

The group discovered that by having conversations with each other during the team meeting, made it easier to commit to having conversations with others about the I’m In campaign and scheduling more structured one on ones.

The group walked away with a sense of being empowered, respected, and included.

View the slideshow from the meeting:

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