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Team 12 South Nashville is "IN"

Team "12 South" in Nashville celebrated this year’s St. Patrick’s Day a little early and with a little "O’Bama" flare.

Roxie R. of Team 12 South hosted a great pre-St. Patty’s Day event with nearly 100 people in attendance—most of whom were first time volunteers eager to learn how to get involved and watch a screening of “The Road We’ve Traveled”.

Everyone had their own stories to tell of why they believe in and support President Obama—some because of his relentless efforts in making healthcare affordable for them and their children and others because they still agree with his ever-present message of change and equality.

Melissa J., an elementary school teacher, who was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes and had to receive a kidney transplant spoke about her thankfulness of the Affordable Care Act and had this to say in support of President Obama:

I saw him speak [at the ’04 convention] and I immediately got goosebumps. He’s such an authentic and reasonable person.

Nolensville Team Member Rudy S., who, after seeing the turnout, is now more motivated and determined than ever to get even more of Nashville’s community involved in the re-election campaign, had this to say about President Obama:

This is wonderful! I’ve never been more of a believer in what he’s doing. He’s already done so many things for our country—he’s definitely got my back.

With 130 RSPV’s and nearly 100 people from across Nashville in attendance, Team 12 South, with the help of Team Nolensville, succeeded in helping 30 new volunteers find their place in the campaign. With those numbers, and with teams like 12 South and Nolensville, President Obama’s accomplishments will be heard loud and clear during his journey to re-election.

Wondering how you can get involved? Come out to an event in your area: TN for President Barack Obama.

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