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Teacher, Fall Fellow working to pass President Obama’s American Jobs Act

Marcia is a substitute teacher in Arizona. After eighteen years of teaching, she moved to Phoenix to find a job. She was well qualified, had the right education, and was experienced. Public schools in Arizona would love to hire qualified teachers such as Marcia, but they simply did not have the funds. Marcia found short-term jobs, but whenever the school had to cut budgets, she was the first teacher to go. “I didn’t want to be seen as flaky,” Marcia said, “so I can’t have a job, unless I know I have it long-term.”

That now leaves Marcia with one option--substitute teaching. She needs a good job with good benefits. Perhaps that is one reason why Marcia is so devoted to ensuring President Obama’s reelection and works as a Fall Fellow. President Obama’s American Jobs Act is planning to provide $35 billion dollars to local and county governments, potentially helping Arizona save or create as many as 9,700 teaching jobs. Marcia is organizing her community to support the American Jobs Act. Join her here.

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