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Tami: “We need to protect this reform”

"Uterine cancer was the last thing I expected to deal with in my life. When I was diagnosed, I didn't have health insurance because I worked for myself and couldn't afford it. I knew I immediately had to start finding a solution. I seriously considered delaying my treatment and trying non-medical remedies because of the cost. There was no way I could incur that debt and the stress would be terrible—they estimated the cost of surgery and radiation at $80,000 to $100,000.

"Thanks to a high-risk pool created for uninsured Coloradans by the Affordable Care Act, getting covered was completely straightforward and easy. I applied and was accepted, and my coverage started in October. Everything I had to do to get better was covered. I was really able to focus on getting better without worrying about bills or spending hours on the phone with a company. We need to protect this reform because everyone gets sick, whether you're a Republican or Democrat, Independent, or don't care about politics. Access to good and affordable care is a human right."

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