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New Mexico speaks to the President

I was so fortunate to have spoken with a person I greatly admire and a world figure. To say it made my day would be a understatement, it made my summer organizing experience something I will never forget, I spoke with President Barack Obama!

The build up for the conversation made me terribly nervous. Only complicated even more so by the fact that Murphy's Law had to apply to the biggest day of my life. First, was when my call was dropped a few minutes before I was supposed to ask the President my question. Anxiety and panic filled my head but I remained calm and immediately called back and started listening to the call again. Then, as the call progressed into our breakout session I realized I was on the wrong line and had to disconnect from the call. With minutes to spare I had to call once again and made it for the last of the breakout session and in time for the highlight of my life.

Day 2 OFA NM Summer Organizer Training

After all the confusion, frustration and panic I heard the White House Operator tell us on the call that our special guest has arrived. This was my time to ask the President, my President, our President a question I wrote. Jeremy Bird, our National Field Director, introduced me to the President and the call and I said, "Mr. President. Thank you for the opportunity to work on behalf of you and Democrats this summer as a Summer Organizer. My question is: based on your experience as a Community Organizer, what mistakes did you make that we can avoid?" President Obama gave excellent advice that all of the Summer Organizers can use to make the most out of our experience. The President talked with me as if he had known me for years, and said when he was an organizer the technology that is available to us wasn't there and the best advice would to use these tools to our advantage to insure we stay organized. Also keeping yourself and your team members motivated through the good and tough days so no one feels overwhelmed. Lastly make the most of your experience, learn something take this knowledge and apply it to your community. Today was a fantastic day and I will always think of the President’s word when organizing.

I have to say it one more time, I spoke with the President of the United States.

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