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Taking it to the House

OFA supporters are sending a clear message to lawmakers: If you stand in the way of immigration reform, your community will hold you accountable.

After last week's historic 68-32 Senate vote to pass comprehensive immigration reform, local OFA chapters around the country got busy thanking senators who stood up for reform, calling out senators who voted "no" and calling on members in the House to take the baton.

Folks in key districts handed out thousands of flyers in English and Spanish, showing exactly which senators stood in the way of reform and asking people to call their representatives in the House to show their support.

Here's a taste of the action over the weekend:

Milwaukee, WI
Volunteers handed out flyers in a Latino community, letting people know where Senator Johnson stands.

Columbus, OH
Volunteers handed out flyers to hold Senator Portman accountable and let Speaker Boehner know Ohio supports comprehensive immigration reform.

Philadelphia, PA
OFA-PA volunteers hit the streets to hold Senator Toomey accountable for his vote.

Reno, NV
A local market in Reno put flyers in each customer's bag, urging them to contact their representatives in support of reform.

Dallas, TX
Volunteers across the Lone Star State let people know that their senators stood in the way of reform.

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