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Taking Care of Our Veterans

At a recent Veterans and Military Families for Obama event, a group of veterans and their families went around the room to hear why people were there to support the president. A variety of reasons were cited, but overall there was one reason that resonated the most with U.S. Army Veteran and Fairfax County native Howard Foard: leadership.

When the time came to leave Iraq, President Obama didn’t get sucked into a debate about whether we would be seen as ‘losing.’ He took a sober assessment of the situation, demonstrated his frugality and appropriate use of our military forces, and withdrew our troops.

While there is still work to be done, Howard, is satisfied that the U.S. is seen more as a ”respected global leader” rather than a “bully.”’

According to Howard, President Obama has demonstrated his leadership in other meaningful ways as well. “He knows how to take care of our veterans and their families,” he said. Under the Recovery and Reinvestment Act signed into law by President Obama, the Department of Veterans Affairs budget saw an increase of $1.4 billion. This additional funding affected an improvement in the speed of the VA claims process.

“I’ve personally seen my claims expedited after [President Obama] put more resources and funding into the VA," Howard said. “His leadership has had a great impact on the lives of countless veterans. As a disabled vet myself, I applaud him for his leadership in making sure hurting veterans are taken care of.“

As for families of servicemen and women, when President Obama signed the Post-9/11 GI Bill, the benefits under the bill that were previously available only to veterans also became available to their families, providing educational assistance, and increasing opportunity and access to universities and colleges across the nation.

We have a president that gets it. When President Obama signed the Post-9/11 GI Bill, he thought about military servicemen and women, their families and the sacrifices we've made to protect this country. The president has been working hard to defend the middle class, and I will do what I can to make sure he can continue fighting for us for another four years.

Asked why he got involved with Veterans and Military Families for Obama, nearly six months out until the election, Howard used this analogy:

In the military, we put a lot of intensity into planning missions, and the more preparation we made really made an impact on the outcome. The more planning we put in now, the better positioned we will be to make sure President Obama remains in the White House.

This Thursday in Norfolk, we’re officially launching Veterans and Military Families for Obama. Show your support for the commander-in-chief and join us.

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