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Sydney's IN! Will You Join Her?


Sydney, a retired Educator in Meriden has “been in for 2012 since [she] saw Barack Obama speak at the 2004 Democratic Convention.”

Canvassing for Bobby Kennedy was Sydney’s first experience on a campaign and she’s continued to work for other campaigns in small ways: donating in important races, entering data for a Kansas politician, standing near polling places with Democratic signs, and recently, standing on a Hartford corner in the drizzle for candidate visibility.

”In my opinion, President Obama is the best candidate I have ever voted for and the best hope for an America with a revived, upwardly mobile middle class inclusive for all.”

But this year she’s ready to do more. This year Sydney wants to get more involved by helping to build a Neighborhood Team in Meriden to help build a strong organization for 2012. And she wants you to join her.

This Wednesday, May 25th Sydney will be hosting a Grassroots Planning Session at her home. This is where the planning for Obama 2012 starts and Sydney wants you at her table. Over the next 18 months, with the help of volunteers like Sydney and volunteers like you, we can build something unlike anything we’ve ever built before. Will we see you on Wednesday?

Can’t make it on Wednesday? We’ll be hosting Grassroots Planning Sessions around the state. Click here to find one in your area.

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