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SW Iowa Floods - Empowering a community in the face of tragedy

News of the devastation caused by the floods afflicting the western border of our state has slowed to a trickle, but the floodwaters have not. The risks and the dangers are certainly still present, but despite this people in small town communities up and down the Missouri river have been banding together to protect their homes and businesses by volunteering in shelters and helping fill sandbags.

Laura Bloomer, our summer organizer in Council Bluffs, has been one of those volunteers. Laura has been organizing weekly volunteer events where President Obama’s supporters have gathered together and donated their time, not to make phone calls or knock on doors, but to fill sandbags and make sandwiches for other volunteers.

Over the past few weeks, Laura has organized volunteers to fill more than 600 sandbags and they plan to do more this Saturday. "If my house were flooding, I would want people to help me too,” said Tristan, a local high school sophomore and regular attendee of these volunteer events.

If you’re interested in getting involved with these relief efforts you can RSVP to this Saturday’s event or you can contact Laura directly at [email protected].


For a full list of organizations or resources that are helping with the relief efforts visit the city of Council Bluffs' Flood Info page and if you want to get involved with the sandbagging efforts you can sign up to volunteer here.

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