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Suzanne in Williamsburg meets the real Barack Obama

Suzanne (far right) made phone calls with a special visitor at her side.

Suzanne of Williamsburg was out shopping on Sunday afternoon when her phone rang.

The neighborhood team leader is used to getting calls from the Obama campaign, but this one had a different tone to it.

She was needed immediately for phone bank duty. “You have to come now,” the caller said with a note of urgency.

Arriving at the Organizing for America field office, she did what she often does – picked up the phone to start making calls to prospective voters.

And then Barack Obama walked in.

The President, in town to prepare for Tuesday’s debate, had taken a break from the books to deliver pizza to the volunteers.

And then he sat down next to Suzanne, picked up the phone and said, “I’ve got to get to work.”

After making phone calls, Obama spent half an hour chatting with Suzanne and the other 20 or so volunteers.

But before he left, Suzanne set up a cardboard cutout of the President for a photo.

She said the cutout had been as close as she ever thought she would get to the President.

Of the real President, she said, “he was very warm, a very dear man.

“It was an awesome experience.”

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