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Surprise visitors in Largo

As we were hard at work making calls in Prince George’s last week, we were surprised by two special visitors throughout the day.
First, Senator Ben Cardin appeared in the office, catching our phone bank group off guard. The Senator spoke to us and invigorated our campaign staff and volunteers.

Before we even had a chance to debrief from the Senator’s visit, Valerie Jarrett, arrived. She emphasized the importance of the election and the work we need to do in to ensure that President Obama and other Democrats across the state are re-elected.

After her speech, Jarrett made sure to meet every single volunteer and answered questions. Needless to say, Valerie Jarrett and Senator Cardin inspired everyone at the Prince George’s County office and reaffirmed our commitment to the campaign.


We’re fired up and ready to go in Prince George’s County! Join us on July 28th for the It Takes One – Weekend of Action and make calls or canvass in Virginia. We’re just over 100 days out from Election Day—now is the time to get involved. Find an event near you at

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