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Support Across Iowa for the American Jobs Act

Ever since President Obama laid out his plan to put Americans back to work several weeks ago, we've seen and heard from countless Iowans about the importance of making sure we pass this bill! People from across our state, including students, teachers, business owners, veterans, and elected officials alike, are standing up for jobs alongside President Obama. Below are just a few examples of the support that's been showcased by local media, but this doesn't take into account the thousands of conversations that our supporters are having with their friends, neighbors, and representatives about this important plan to create jobs, strengthen our economy, and invest in our nation's future.

Today, the Senate will be taking a vote on the American Jobs Act, and we need you to make sure your voice is heard! Let your Republican senators know why you support this bill, and why they should too. We've even launched the "Tweet For Jobs" tool to let you do just that, 140 characters at a time! So be sure to let @ChuckGrassley know that now is the time to stop the political games, and make sure that he's on the side of putting the people of our state and our country back to work!

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