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Supervisor Chiu: “President Obama is Betting on Small Businesses”

David Chiu 2

David Chiu, President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and a former small business owner, knows what’s at stake in this election. He stands with President Obama because he knows that the President stands with small businesses:

“As someone who used to run a small business, I can tell you that two out of three jobs in the United States are created by small businesses, and that President Obama is betting on small businesses. I want to thank him for cutting taxes—he’s passed 18 tax breaks for small businesses in recent years. He has also provided four million businesses with the ability to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in their new businesses. Over the last few years, we’ve seen 4.4 million new jobs created under President Obama.”

Supervisor Chiu wants to make sure we spend another four years moving America forward. He knows that we can’t afford the alternative.

“We have to continue to get the message out around Mitt Romney. While he was running Massachusetts, he increased their debt, increased taxes for the middle class, and also ensured that the state fell to 47 out of 50 states in job creation.”

We have two very different options in this election, and Supervisor Chiu knows how important it is that we make the right choice.

“I very much appreciate that President Obama is betting on America, betting on California, and betting on working families and middle class families. We need to move our country forward, and President Obama is the guy to do that.”

Stand with Supervisor Chiu today, and join Small Business Owners for Obama.

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