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Small Business Owner Vanessa D. is IN for 2012

Vanessa D. first joined Team Obama during the 2008 campaign. Her hard work and tireless dedication was quickly evident, and by Election Day she was helping run the Prince George’s County headquarters office in Maryland.

Born in Virginia, Vanessa learned early on that a sense of community and civic responsibility was important. From her time working on the 2008 campaign, Vanessa has cultivated lasting friendships with other volunteers she'd never met before. Over three years later, the group continues to meet on a monthly basis, where inevitably conversation returns back to politics. Vanessa notes that it's the incredibly positive and loving atmosphere that bring the group together, where they often talk about what "our" President is doing. And they celebrate together all that his administration has accomplished in the first two years.

Vanessa D.

Along with all the work she does to help out President Obama, Vanessa is also a small business owner. Her work focuses on empowering women, as well as teaching them how to protect themselves. She initially supported then Senator Obama because she "fell in love with his politics. He was very clear in his vision from the very beginning, and most importantly he was the only adult in the room when no one else was willing to take responsibility." All these years later, following his re-election announcement, Vanessa has "fallen in love with him all over again" and is "in" because "he's committed to the clear vision he's had from the very beginning.”

Vanessa recently attended an organizing meeting in Prince George’s County with some of the President's strongest volunteers. She spent time addressing the group about how to start campaigning in Maryland, as well as ways to be most effective when talking to voters. Every day, Vanessa and others like her help make our Maryland organization stronger.

Want to be a super volunteer like Vanessa? Join our campaign or drop by our headquarters at 3750 University Blvd., W. Kensington. See you soon!

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