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Sunday Night Live

2011-10-16 17.18.05

Sunday Night Phonebank was a huge success! After a brief introduction to the team-building strategy of OFA, we dove into the I'm In and 1:1 (1:1 is a campaign term for one on one an in person meeting) script.

2011-10-16 17.44.30

Thomas, a frequent volunteer in 2010, helped teach the basics of phonebanking to first-timers, giving advice and helping them learn through role-playing a sample phone call. Some of the new volunteers were nervous at first, and hesitant to make their first voter contact, but quickly got over their jitters.

2011-10-16 18.17.40

Zeenat got so many 1:1 yes' that she couldn't wait until next week's phone bank - she asked to take a list home so she can make phone calls every day! By the end of the night, we had over 250 calls made, with over 40 I'm Ins and 20+ 1:1 Yes. 1 step closer to Winning in 2012!

Top quote of the night comes from Melissa, after scheduling her very first 1:1

"You can hear them smiling over the phone"

Check out our awesome Sunday Night Volunteers:

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