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Summertime Outreach for Obama 2012

Summer is about community festivals and fairs. Meeting neighbors, learning new things about the community, and enjoying a great day. This past Saturday, the Latino Festival of New Hampshire provided such a setting and offered us a chance to reach out to voters from across the state.


Volunteers manned the table in conjunction with the Nashua Democrats. Sylvia went out into the crowd to pass out 2012 stickers to supporters. Sonia and Deidre were sure to ask folks who dropped by the booth to support the President and to sign an “I’m IN” card. We had a great response. Many festival attendees were excited to say they were IN for 2012 and to get more information about important issues such as the recent policy change announced by President Obama to make our immigration system fairer and smarter.


Interested in getting involved in your community for an upcoming festival or fair? Check out our upcoming events and be sure to check out more photos from the Latino Festival on Facebook.

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