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Summer Volunteer Fair

Here in Maryland, we've been busy reconnecting with former Obama supporters and volunteers, as well as new supporters. As part of our work, we've been holding one-on-one discussions with our best volunteers, planning community events, taking part in festivals and registering voters. Finding out who's "IN" has been hard work, but the rewards have been unimaginable. Hearing people's personal stories about how President Obama's administration has impacted their lives for the better continues to drive us every day.

We have also been holding Grassroots Planning Sessions across the country. In Maryland, Montgomery County was the first to hold theirs, organizing a Summer Volunteer Fair at the Gwendolyn Coffield Community Center in Silver Spring. The event was kicked off by Yvette Lewis, Chairwoman of the Maryland Democratic Party who stressed that "I'm just me; I'm just you, and all I want to do is win."

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The event was aimed at cultivating and fostering an environment where supporters of the President, eager to begin building the 2012 campaign, could interact and talk about the campaign. Tables adorned with balloons at the brightly decorated room in the community center showed the various ways volunteers could be involved with the campaign. As potential volunteers moved from table to table, they had a chance to talk with our summer organizers and our most dedicated volunteers about the endless possibilities of becoming part of team Obama.

By the time the Summer Volunteer Fair was over, strong connections had been made, camaraderie had been fostered, and many new people had decided to take a more active role in the campaign.

If you'd like to join the 2012 campaign and organize in your community, don't hesitate to email us at [email protected] , or drop by our office at 3750 University Boulevard West in Kensington.

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