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Summer spotlight: "We need someone who is on our side, someone who cares for the many..."

Andrew Willis is nearing the end of his summer here in Nashua where he has been organizing local communities through our summer fellowship program. Andrew applied to be a fellow to help make a difference; he knows how close this election will be. Every vote for the President in this state will absolutely count in November, which is why Andrew spent his summer working to win some of those votes.

Andrew has personally felt the impact of President Obama's time in office. The President’s Affordable Care Act allowed his Grandmother to get the health care she needs, which had been a struggle before the passage of the law.

For Andrews's family, and millions of other families, the Affordable Care Act is literally a life-saver. And Andrew explained to us that protecting that Act from Mitt Romney's promised repeal is what keep Andrew working so hard:

“Knowing that millions of Americans just like my Grandma will lose health care because of Mitt Romney’s focus on repealing Obamacare is the very reason I am here today.”

Romney would just take us backwards–that's literally at the core of his campaign for president. President Obama, on the other hand, has moved us forward over the past three and a half years, and will keep doing so in a second term.

This is why Andrew is here:

“We need someone who is on our side, someone who cares for the many, not just the wealthy few and I believe that the only person for the job is President Obama.”

If you believe, like Andrew, that President Obama is the only man for the job, then apply to be a Fall Fellow today.

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