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Summer spotlight: "It challenges me in ways no other job would"

Our summer organizing program is winding down and our search for fall organizing fellows is heating up! Over the next few days, we'll bring you stories from some of our amazing outgoing summer organizing fellows, like Beata.

Beata goes to school in Washington, DC, so we asked her why she chose to spend her summer working to re-elect President Obama. She said it was because she knew that the opportunity to be a fellow here would be a unique one:

“This job is one of a kind. And it's about more than just looking good to potential employers. But this is about re-electing the President. What he's done in three short years is incredible, and as someone who directly benefits from the Affordable Care Act, funding for Pell grants, and the continuous growth in jobs, I know he has achieved some truly momentous things.”

This is the first time Beata has been involved in campaigning, but she learned the ropes quickly:

“I've really seen and experienced aspects of the political process that a lot of people only hear about. It's fantastic, and even though the learning curve threw me out of my comfort zone, it's been really good. It's challenged me in ways no other job would. I work with people who love what they do, and who work with passion for a goal bigger than any of us. It’s inspiring.”

Apply to be a fall organizing fellow with the President's grassroots campaign here in New Hampshire today.

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