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Summer spotlight: "I'm doing what I can to say thanks"

This week, as we start looking for organizing fellows to join the campaign this fall, we're introducing you to a few of the folks who spent their summer with us.

Today we talked to Kelsey, who's been working out of our Exeter office. She told us that the reason she's passionate about making an impact comes from growing up in a military family:

“My father spent his career in the Army Reserve, so I know how it feels to have to say goodbye to someone you love. That's especially hard when they're heading to a place that you only hear terrible things about. My dad was deployed twice to Iraq. Saying goodbye to him once was tough, saying goodbye to him for a second time was absolutely the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do.

Kelsey’s experience of her father’s deployment is what brings her to the Obama campaign in New Hampshire.

“President Obama promised to bring our troops home from Iraq and he followed through on that promise. I'm so proud that we have a President who stands by his commitments. For families like mine, that's everything–is the very reason that I am here. I’m doing what I can to say thanks.

Everyone has a reason for getting involved with this campaign and we want to know what yours is.

Apply to be a fall organizing fellow right now.

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