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Summer spotlight: "I really feel like I'm contributing to something huge"

Anastasia is that person you open your door to, who's standing there with a smile, clipboard in hand. She may be the person who's called to ask how you're feeling about the election, and maybe even who you're planning on voting for.

She's been doing these things since May, because she's spent her summer as an organizing fellow here in New Hampshire. She told us that she's doing it because she wants to do everything she can to help get the President re-elected in November.

“President Obama’s visions and hopes for America resonate with me, I can see with achievements such as the Affordable Care Act that he can tackle tough issues that other presidents before him haven’t been able to do. I’m excited to see what President Obama will be able to achieve with another 4 years in office.”

It's not the easiest job, but working in the heart of this campaign means she plays a vital role keeping the country moving in the right direction:

“Being a fellow isn’t the average day job, I really feel like I’m contributing to something huge, a movement that inspires and motivates people.”

You can spend your fall organizing with us. Apply now to be a fall organizing fellow:

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