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Summer spotlight: "I know this will be a tight race"

This week, as we start our search for fall organizing fellows, we're sharing the stories of the folks who've spent the past few weeks with us as part of our summer program. Yesterday, we introduced you to Beata, today we want to tell you about Natasha.

For the past two months, Natasha has been has been an organizing fellow in Conway. Having graduated from school 5 years ago, Natasha knows how tough the job market's been.

Natasha realized though that the President's plan for the economy is the solution to the problem, and she wanted to do something about it:

“The President is committed to boosting jobs for people like me. Education and jobs are right at the top of his agenda and that’s why I’m here, to make sure he can continue what he started on education and the economy."

The role of organizing fellow is all about getting out and talking to voters: knocking on doors, making calls, even talking it out with people on the street.

“I know this will be a tight race, but it boils down to voters having all the facts. This is why I am here. Getting the facts out about the President’s plans for education to those who need to hear it, the voters. They need to know that Governor Romney will not move this country forward. His plans for education, jobs, the economy and health care will drag this country backwards. We can’t allow this to happen.”

The choices people make on November 6 will shape the future of this country. We need to fight hard to make sure people understand that the choices they make will have a huge impact.

If you want to make a difference this November, apply to be an Organizing Fellow right now.

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