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Summer spotlight: "I don't want to sit back and be a passive observer"

Laura is hard at work in Manchester as a summer organizing fellow for Organizing for America New Hampshire. Laura's a standout fellow, probably because she's actually a bit of an expert on all of this, having worked on the 2008 campaign, also right here in Manchester.

"The President’s 2008 campaign was my first experience volunteering in a big election, and we all know it was no ordinary experience. The excitement and momentum that swept the nation was like nothing I'd ever seen before. It was sensational to be a part of it. I knew as soon as the campaign was over that I would be involved again. I definitely got the bug.”

For Laura, the 2012 effort to re-elect the President is no less significant than the one four years ago:

“Campaigning really makes it obvious to me about what matters in life. It’s about giving a voice to people who aren't heard otherwise. Through this work I have the opportunity to shape my future. I don’t want to sit back and be a passive observer while other people dictate what’s going to happen to me, to my whole generation."

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