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Summer spotlight: "I always get asked the same thing: "Why are you doing this if you can’t actually

We get people of all ages applying for the fellowship program and pretty much all of them have the chance to vote on November 6th. This doesn't happen to be the case for today’s fellow spotlight, 17 year old Angad. Angad works up in Lebanon and is just finishing up as a summer organizing fellow with OFA-New Hampshire.

A lot of people have asked why Angad would want to give his time to something that at the end goal, election day, excludes him:

"I’m pretty frustrated that I’m not quite old enough to vote this time around, I would love to know that my vote went towards getting the President reelected. But I can’t, so I decided to turn to the next best thing-work to get him reelected instead. If my work turns undecided voters into supporters then I know I’ve really benefitted to the campaign."

This election is about people having the facts, and remembering just how important the decision they make really is:

"What happens in November will affect me. When people find out how young I am I always get asked the same thing , 'So why are you doing this if you can’t actually vote?' And I always say one thing back to them, that I might be 17 but what people choose to do in November affects me. Their vote impacts my future, my education, my health care, my ability to find work after I graduate. And that’s why I’m here."

Whatever your age, there is always a spot for you as a fall organizer. Find out how to apply today.

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