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Summer Organizers, Volunteers Hit the Ground Running


This weekend, summer organizers and volunteers began laying the groundwork for victory in 2012. Some shipped off to Pennsylvania, some registered voters in communities across the state and others got together at Grassroots Planning Sessions to share their vision for the 2012 election. It’s never too early to register voters and bring people together in the community!

Summer Organizers Walker and Julia brought together about thirty people at the Benjamin Franklin Reform Democratic Club in the Bronx on Saturday for their first Grassroots Planning Sessions. In addition to developing new strategies and reflecting on the President’s accomplishments, they engaged in a policy discussion about health care.

Along with his fellow summer organizers and volunteers, Andrew hosted a voter registration event in Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn. They did not let the heat slow them down as they registered many new voters, particularly young people. Andrew’s focus this summer is to construct a neighborhood team in Fort Greene. To start developing that team, Andrew will be hosting a Grassroots Planning Sessions on Tuesday, June 21st, which you can sign up for here.

“We approached the entire day as a team and it was a really fun, informative experience.” –Andrew
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