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Summer Organizers in Grand Rapids Canvass Local Street Fair for Obama 2012

Grand Rapids — Canvassing is an essential part to the Obama 2012 grassroots efforts. Summer organizers have been planning their summer around local events they can attend to talk with voters. They then give voters the opportunity to show their support for President Obama by filling out an I’M IN card. The I’M IN program is a way to gauge support from 2008 to now; it allows us to hear why people support the President, whether it be for his progress in the LGBT community to health care reform.


Summer Organizers talked with locals at the Eastown Bizarre Bazaar, last weekend, to hear what issues matter the most to each individual. The event was a local street fair that offered the perfect opportunity for our organizers to get involved and practice canvassing! Organizers were excited to get talk to east town residents, after hearing from the President last week about his experience as an organizer doing the same work in Chicago.


Alex N. spoke to a resident who recently was in a car accident. Thankfully, the man told Alex about how lucky he was to have health insurance. However, he knew that many people were not so lucky, and that was his main reason for supporting President Obama, to help those who are not able to get coverage for various reasons.

Volunteers Brie and her mom, who just attended the Team Veldheer Meeting, were so excited about Obama 2012 they came out to volunteer and practice their canvassing skills as well. Brie and her Mom competed to see who could find the most volunteers, but in the end they collected many I’M IN cards and found several volunteer prospects.


Overall it was a successful day canvassing, and organizers learned all about the issues that matter most to the residents. They also found many supporters who wanted to get involved with the campaign.

Obama 2012 will be possible because of volunteers from all over. Want to get involved, canvass, and make a difference? Click here to sign up online

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