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Summer Organizers Get Call From the President

Across the country, Summer Organizers were glued to their phones at the 3 PM Wednesday for the Summer Organizer Program Kick-Off call. Sixteen of them were right here in the District of Columbia. Our SO's heard from several members of the Campaign team and the call was topped off with words of encouragement from President Obama.

We know that despite all the problems we face, if we buckle down, we can steer our nation to a brighter place. And that's what our campaign has always been about.

Summer Organizers hard at work

National Field Director Jeremy Bird compared the work the 2011 SO class will do with what he did in South Carolina in 2007.

”It's the work that we did 18 months, 19 months before the election that paid dividends."

Battleground State Director Mitch Stewart stressed that this program well help the community and our SO's.

We want you to come out of this program better people, better trained and better educated.

Deputy Campaign Manager Jen O'Malley Dillon said the next nine weeks are critical to success in 2012. “This is a different electorate, a different time in our country, and a different campaign,” she said. “We need to make sure we’re working for every single vote that we have.”

The President agreed. He said the only way to continue winning the future was with the foundation being set by SO's this summer.

What you do will determine whether this country can offer the American Dream to everyone.

The President upped the ante for our SO's by letting them know he will be seeing weekly reports on their progress throughout the summer.

Want to help our Summer Organizers out in your community? Sign up here! Be sure to check out #SumOrg11 on Twitter for all the latest SO news from across the country.

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