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Summer Organizer Tracy J. Continues in Her Family’s Legacy of Public Service with Obama 2012

Tracy J
My name is Tracy and I was born and raised in the small town of Fenton, Michigan. My father's mother and father were Italian immigrants who after an arranged marriage, settled in Fenton. My father and with his four younger siblings were born here. My grandfather who was an orphan an immigrated to the United States at the age of twelve believed that coming to America was the greatest privilege ever given to him. He took his role as an American citizen quite seriously and taught all his children and grandchildren how much this country had to offer. He served in WWI and though he was too old, he tried to re-enlist during WWII.

He ran an ice cream parlor and a bar in the town. He would start his day making ice cream and work there until afternoon then my grandmother would run the ice cream parlor while he went down the street to open up and run the bar. My family knew the trials of prejudice. As the first Italian family living in this small Midwestern town my grandfather had a cross burned into the street in front of his store to try and scare him out of business.

My grandparents made sure that their five children had the opportunity for an education that they did not have. From the years 1939 through 1951 my grandparents ensured that all five of their children went to college. From our family's first generation came a pharmacist, a nurse, a teacher and two doctors!

All of my young life I heard stories from my Grandfather about how great this country is and all it has to offer. I was taught that I could do anything! The hours spent with family talking politics and listening to sometimes very heated arguments was a very enjoyable part of my growing up. The feeling of patriotism has trickled down through the generations and all of our children know our family story.

My son took an interest in his great-grandfather and grandfathers time in the service at a very early age, and has understood the importance of giving back. He has chosen the path to have a career in the military. He is a 2nd Lt and is with the 10th Mountain Infantry division. He just returned with his unit from Afghanistan in March and he will be in the Army for at least six more years.

I have always been interested in politics and the ability to have a voice in our political process. After hearing Barack Obama's speech at the DNC in 2004, I wanted to learn more about him. I read both of his books, and after the first one, I was touched and knew I wanted to help this man in some way. His thought process and experiences made so much sense to me and he seems to be filled with all the values that I believe in. In 2008 I worked on the campaign as a canvasser for a short time, but was not able to contribute as much because of family time commitments.

When the opportunity came to apply to be a Summer Organizer, it just made sense. I feel that by being involved in this campaign, that it is my way to say thank you for all the opportunities this country has provided my family for generations.

If you would like to join Tracy and get involved in your area, please visit our website.

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